Zac Snyder

Zac Snyder

Senior. Analyst, Sales Strategy. Adobe


My life has changed greatly for the better ever since David and began working together. About 18 months ago I realized that I needed help getting my life on track. I had everything I used to think I wanted and should’ve felt ecstatic, but I felt unhappy. I was way ahead of schedule in terms of my own expectations of job, income and status, but still not happy or satisfied with my life.

David helped me reassess where I was and how to work towards a life I wanted to live in the future.  He did an amazing job of getting me to focus and find what’s really important to me in the midst of a crazy workweek and helped me identify the things in my life that were having negative effects on my happiness.

For the first time since I can remember, I feel like I am on track and I’m headed towards a life that I will be fulfilling. My social life is amazing and my confidence at an all time high. I have had 2 promotions at work in last 18 month with a pay raise of over $10, 000, international travel, received a national outstanding performance award, and am getting a huge amount of recognition for my recent achievements.

With David’s help, insights, and life experiences, I’m happier than ever. I’m still working hard and putting in long hours at work but I am also taking the time for myself to explore what truly makes me happy. By pushing me to explore and enjoy the things in life that make me happy and eliminated the drags on my happiness I now I have a life that feels much more balanced.