Michael Jones

Michael Jones

Musician, Manchester, England.

At nearly 30 years old I found myself living with my parents again, uncertain of my future and in a dead end job. I knew I wanted to live a much much “bigger” life. I met David through mutual friends in San Diego while I was on vacation and was very inspired by his story, and the way that he had changed his life, as I wanted to change mine.

With him I explored my personal values, found a self-awareness that gave me the clarity to make bigger plans than I thought possible, and the confidence to achieve them.

I gave up my job in the North of England and temporarily relocated to Australia. I am in the application process for for a working visa in Canada so that I can live my dream life in the mountains.

David is such a kind, considerate and conscientious Coach. He has offered me great support over the past two years. His relaxed, colloquial yet professional approach to sessions really allowed me really to open up, evaluate and explore my inner self, and ultimately overcome any obstacle or insecurities that I was carrying. Working alongside David will without doubt help you get to where you want to go and be who you want to be!