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how can i make a bigger difference?

Transformational coaching for impact driven people and organizations

Yelp Top 5 Life Coach NYC
Yelp Top 5 Executive Coach NYC


Yelp Top 5 Life Coach NYC
Yelp Top 5 Executive Coach NYC

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a better world, together

I am passionate about helping people that are changing our world for the better. If you are a Leader within a Mission Driven Organizations, or have a drive to create positive social or environmental change, I would love to hear from you.


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Mission driven organizations have unique dynamics that demand great leadership. Non-Profits, NGOs, Social Enterprise, B-Corps and PBCs have to generate a social and environmental bottom line, and manage a financial one, often with restrictive budgets and complex governance. 

If your organization is driven by more than just profit, I would love to hear from you and see how we can amplify your impact together.


Diverse group of friends.

People that are driven by a need to have a positive impact in this world carry a greater weight than most. When professional fulfillment is hinged on a passion for the people and places you serve, a different, more creative approach to work and life is required. 

If you are an Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Educator, Medical Practitioner, Scientist; anyone who wants to have a positive impact, I would love to hear from you and find out how, together, we can make a much bigger difference. 

Diverse group of friends.

together anything is possible

Start here with a free assessment call

I am always happy to have an informal chat so you can get to know more about working with me. I love talking to committed, driven people about the changes they want to make. About their hopes and dreams, problems and frustrations.

You can also book a free Coaching Session so you know exactly how working with me could work for you! Just fill in the contact form, call or email me directly. 

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