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Hi, I’m David. My mission is to make the world a better place through Life and  Leadership Coaching. I have helped hundreds of  driven people and organizations live, learn and lead over the last 30 years, and had successful careers in the Music Industry and British Government. 

I have studied Coaching, Counseling, Psychology, NLP, Leadership and Management in both the UK and US. Originally from Rochester, England, I now live and work in New York and San Diego, and have clients all over the world.

  • Working with David has been a life changing experience. He is professional, funny, compassionate and ready to give you that kick in the ass when you need some extra motivation

    Sean Leahy, Lawyer. Boston MA
  • A weight has been lifted! Instead of a constant cycle of overthinking, rehashing and frustration, David helped me form clear goals and a way to reach them

    Paul McCarthy. IT Director. NYC
  • Since beginning our partnership I have doubled the number of clients I work with, gained confidence in my value as a coach and entrepreneur and made big improvements to the relationships in my life.

    Angela Cangialosi. Coach

My story, and the power of saying “yes”

As you read this, and maybe wonder why I’ve written so freely about myself, I’d like you to think about one concept that underpins my journey, and that of every successful human being on the planet; we will achieve so much more if we overcome pride and fear and engage the help of others. We must find people that will accelerate our journey, be honest and vulnerable and sometimes take actions that may result in the odd ego bruising. 

david about page

My passion for self development has taken me on quite a journey. I had a very working class British upbringing, then stumbled through a few corporate jobs before deciding to follow my father’s footsteps and become a musician in my early 20s.

In 1996, proudly armed with a degree in Jazz Guitar I was faced with a problem. How the hell was I to make a living!? I had started teaching in my late teens and already had a fascination for the way we learn, so I found myself some students and built a thriving practice, simultaneously working in a few bands and developing a business that provided entertainment to the events industry.

When I was 27 years old my Father suddenly passed away. Maybe it was that, combined with my teaching that really lit a fire under my passion for self development. How could we all make the very most of the time we have? I’d already taught hundreds of students and was becoming more interested by the art of communication than the music itself. A few long-term clients used our sessions to share a great deal about their lives and I wanted learn some tools that would, at the very least, allow them to feel heard. 

Coaching and the corporate ladder

So, in the late 90’s I formally studied Counseling, solidifying a self development path that I was to follow from that point on. Skip forward 10 years and I was done with the Music Industry. A successful business had consumed every ounce of creativity that a musical path had originally promised and I was ready for a change. I just stopped, moved back to my home town, took some time off, then found a “real” job while I figured out what to do next. For a year I worked as a Handyman in a large government organization, enjoying a stress-free existence wandering around a large building with a toolkit and a wonderful sense of freedom. When the job came to an end my boss asked me if would like to apply for a job in “Strategic Procurement”. I said yes (and thought “what the hell is Strategic Procurement!??”).

It turns out that I was rather good at it! Five years and 3 jobs later I had learned a very valuable lesson. My creative mind, courage (a willingness to say yes in the face of uncertainty) and persistence had catapulted me from the very bottom of the organization to somewhere quite near the top! I was leading a team of Project Managers, Technical Architects, and Developers in a large IT department. I was responsible for the IT security of about 10,000 people, writing policy documents, compliance submissions to the European Union, overseeing a network that was connected to the Secret Services and Armed Forces, and spear-heading large scale, complex, multi-stakeholder efficiency projects on impossibly low budgets. It was stressful, exhilarating, frightening and wonderful. 

Throughout that journey I had one secret weapon! Deborah, an English Executive-turned-Coach who, herself coached, had created her dream life, living and working in a small town on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. With her help I rocketed up a corporate ladder and, once again, decided to take a leap of faith, albeit a strategic one! The Coaching, 6 years in Government, my thirst for knowledge, fool-hardy “say yes” approach and a myriad of courses (Coaching, Leadership, Management, Project Management, Procurement, Business Planning to name but a few) brought me to a realization. I had choices. I could do anything!

USA, The next big leap

A three-week US road trip, a young San Diegan Artist called Ciara and a my dwindling enthusiasm for a high stress, underpaid job led to the biggest decision yet. I would move to California. A year later, having hunkered down, saved, soul-searched and researched, I moved and became a student again, studying Business and Psychology at San Diego State University. A few wonderful clients, some sunshine and a little space to think helped me realize that I had found my purpose. I found Professional Coaching rewarding beyond belief. 

In 2015 Ciara and I moved to New York so she could pursue a Masters in Fine Art. We now live a bi-coastal life between NYC and San Diego, her painting, me Coaching, often indulging our passions for travel and arts. 

In May 2018 we took a 6 week road trip across the States. The picture to the right was taken at the point of a significant realization for me. I was in the middle of an amazing vacation, sitting in a forest at the edge of the Grand Canyon, Coaching (a frustrated New York Executive at that moment), with the freedom to work from anywhere and a great deal of recognition from both clients and peers. I had achieved the goals I had set for myself 10 years before. I was elated, and still am!

coaching peak

I know this for certain; whatever your version of my crazy journey is, you can do it! I have no special powers. Just a willingness to say yes, do things that scare me, occasionally look foolish, and often ask for help. I urge you, get in touch and let’s find out how we can make your life more wonderful than you dare to imagine!

David. San Diego 2019

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